Adam Apollo has been leading integrative presentations, interactive workshops, and self-development training for over ten years. Though well known for hundreds of “Jedi Training Intensives” around the world, he has also offered insights on global transitions, technology, conscious leadership and the future of humanity at the White House, in a UN Summit, and at a variety of conferences and festivals.
Founder of several education and technology based companies and organizations, Adam Apollo is dedicated to achieving a sustainable and thriving interplanetary culture. His professional experience includes management in multinational corporations, business development for non-profits and strategic campaigns, and executive officer roles across a series of companies.
Adam Apollo cofounded and developed the “UNIFY” initiative through, bringing hundreds of thousands of groups and organizations around the world into synchronized conscious connection on December 21st, 2012, and periodically each year since then. In 2013 he founded Superluminal Systems to develop new learning systems and technologies, and it launched it’s first Academy through The Resonance Project Foundation on their new website that his team designed and developed,
In 2015 he opened the Guardian Alliance, a global “Jedi” Training Academy for self-mastery, personal transformation, and leadership. Join at