Alberto Ruz Buenfil

//Alberto Ruz Buenfil

Alberto Ruz Buenfil

Born in Mexico City, 1945.

Forty years dedicated to study, create, promote and serve as an international networker, make Coyote Alberto Ruz a first line pioneer, veteran and historian from the intentional communities, ecovillage and bioregionalist movements.

• Co-founder from Huehuecóyotl ecovillage in Mexico (1982)
• Originated in 1996 the “Caravana Arcoris por la Paz.”
• Itinerant focalizer for ENA in South America since 2000.
• Ashoka fellow (2002), and adviser to GEN (2003)
• Partner to the Brasilian Ministery of Culture´s program “Cultura Viva” (2006-2007)
• National award “Escuela Viva” given to the “Caravana Cutura Viva” by the Government of Brazil in 2007
• Originator of program “Ecobarrios” in Delegación Coyoacan, with support of Government of Mexico City (2009-2012)
• Nominee to the National “Premio al Mérito Ecológico” in México, given by Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (2011)
• Co-creator of C.A.S.A (Consejo de Asentamientos Sustentables de las Americas) at the 1st Iberoamerican Summit of Ecovillages, Colombia, 2012.
• Director of Environmental Culture in the State of Morelos, for Secretaría de Desarrollo Sustentable, (2013)
• Nominee and finalist for “The Kozeny Communitarian Award 2015”, given by Federation of Intentional Communities.
• Adviser to the Asamblea Legislativa Constituyente (Deputies Chamber) from Mexico City for the promotion of the Law of Rights of Nature(2014)
• Representative from C.A.S.A Continental at the 1st.Global Summit of Ecovillages in Senegal, 2014