Clayton is the founder and director of Tribal Council Collective, an Asheville-based event production collective and an ever-evolving community rooted in the southeast U.S. He is also founder and co-producer of Kinnection Campout and co-founder of Tribal Alliance Gatherings. Clayton is a certified permaculture designer specializing in small-scale homestead design, and he shares his passion for ecological living through festival workshops and permaculture intensive courses. Clayton is a U.S. Regional Ambassador for Project Nuevo Mundo and was a member of the inaugural 2013 Earth Odyssey caravan through Mexico and Guatemala. Between travels, Clayton manages his family’s budding permaculture homestead in the Three Forks Watershed of North Georgia. In alignment with his mission to unite festival culture and permaculture, Clayton is working on a diverse gene pool of projects that catch and store the energy of human gatherings in the form of lasting holistic communities and regenerative land projects. In addition to applying permaculture principles to festival and community design, Clayton spends his time exploring ways to integrate ancient ways of living into modern visionary culture in a way that serves all life.