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Community Building: How To Build A More Cooperative Culture – Interview with Jamaica Stevens

by Janae Jean & Spencer Schluter of Cosncious Community Magazine Spencer: What is the purpose of your project? Are you trying to create a dialog about these things; or do you have a specific community that you are building? Jamaica: For me, the project has been partly about creating a cultural narrative and a dialog that includes “Voices of the Village.” What does that mean to people to live with “The Village Ethos?” Not only the cultural dialog, but also the project’s aim is to support the tools and best practices necessary to build a more cooperative culture. A lot [...]

Now is the Time to Stand

by Jamaica Stevens of Now is the time to Stand. This is what it means to be a Person of Place. It means there is no more fleeing. It means knowing, and loving, and protecting the Waters in the place you call home- this is our first source of life. It means knowing, loving, and protecting the forests, the plants, the animals, the soil, the seeds, the vitality of life in the place we consider home. It's a dynamic relationship- one that you show up to cultivate everyday. It is about becoming a living culture of inter-connectedness. The way of [...]

Healing With Clarity – Part 1

by Clinton Callahan of Four feelings, three worlds, two dramas, and one truth, from Possibility Management Theories about the cause and healing of disease abound. Without attacking or defending any particular theory we can add dimensions to our healing effectiveness by adding dimensions to our clarity. Clarity amplifies a healer’s ability to bring clients to new options in their every-day behavior. Having more options means having greater possibility. Possibility is one of the most powerful healing tonics in the world. In this article we will briefly visit the field of Possibility Management and find clarity in maps of four feelings, [...]