Crystal Arnold holds a BS in International Economics and is dedicated to creating a resilient local economy. In 2000, she began developing an expanded social perspective from her cultural studies in the Netherlands and Guatemala. Then, while working at an American bank, she began to understand how money systems actually work. She then discovered complementary currency systems, and realized their power to both generate enhanced freedom of exchange and revolutionize our quality of life.

With her eloquent communication style, Crystal enjoys public speaking, and facilitates local dialogues, workshops, and other educational events. Crystal assists to revolutionize the concept of money through “Money Metamorphosis” workshops. She inspires participants to transform their relationship with money, explore unconscious beliefs and behaviors, and learn the a conscious bookkeeping practice that aligns values with financial matters. Currently, she is working with the team of Village Lab, with interest in the value being developed in intentional communities.

She also created and facilitated “Prosperity Web,” a monthly women’s networking potluck that also provides activities and presentations that support personal empowerment through community connection. She lives in Southern Oregon with her husband and two children.