Working in the corporate world of New York City led Cynthia to discover a more profound passion to support herself and others in establishing deeper connection to nature, ancestral values and unlocking our highest potential as human beings. She traded in the corporate boardrooms for a life in Peru where she co-founded the Paititi Institute.

At Paititi, Cynthia works to create a platform that practically applies ancient wisdom to our modern world, building intercultural bridges for healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels for all people from all cultures and all spiritual traditions. She currently works to develop and facilitate holistic experiential education models, weaving together our inner and outer landscapes through nature awareness, Permaculture education, health education and indigenous Ando-Amaonian teachings and practices integrated with ancestral wisdom from around the planet.

Additionally, Cynthia is currently in the process of being initiated into Indigenous Amazonian and Andean healing practices to become a medicine woman, carrying on this ancient lineage of healing wisdom.