Danielle Gennety, the proprietress and home/land steward of a community impact and outreach center in Snohomish, Washington, founded a non-profit permaculture education project in 2014 named for her beloved forest sanctuary, Our Sacred Acres. She is a land stewardship educator, project therapist, team facilitator, community organizer, and nodal network ambassador in service to the earth, all beings, and love. She is also a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister and cousin to a vast family forest of ances-trees, with deep roots in many waters.

Her corporate history spans nearly 3 decades of customer care as an information technology (IT) systems analyst, software deployment liaison, process development consultant, and network infrastructure project manager on data stream innovations for the travel & hospitality, automotive, telecommunications, entertainment, and child welfare industries. She received her Project Management Professional Certification in 2007. Danielle also serves as a community builder and activist organizer, with well-established networks spiraling from her home town of Hartland, MI in the Great Lakes basin, through the unceded Coast Salish territories of Cascadia, Pacifica, and across North and Central America.