Debra Giusti has spent the last 35years on the leading edge of the ever-emerging progressive culture, creating and supporting “new paradigm” evolution. She has been an entrepreneur since 22 years old, growing an ongoing series of businesses that support personal growth, transformation, healthy and sustainable lifestyles, cutting-edge spirituality, and community connection. She is the founder and co-producer of 33rd Annual Harmony Festival, which took place from 1978 – 2011 and drew 30,000 people to Santa Rosa California. She also produced/created Wishing Well Distributing Company (featuring 3000 nationally distributed holistic health products), Spirit of Christmas Crafts Faire (Community Fair and Celebration taking place from 1977 – 2007 in Santa Rosa, California), Well Being Community Center, Well Being Community Calendar, Transforming Through 2012 Multi-Media e-Book, and hosted multiple workshops, transformational events, and celebrations. She now produces Debra Recommends eNewsletter (with 50,000 subscribers) and Harmony Connections eNewsletter (75,000 subscribers), which inform and network northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area community with progressive events and resources. She is a prominent positive force in business and community, continuing to develop new businesses that support the emerging new culture, and inspire the development of deep community.