Geodesic domes are the strongest and most thermally efficient modern man-made structures.

Our network explores various building methods, to find the most ecological and functional materials and designs. The result is we make domes of higher quality than those you can purchase on the market, for roughly 1/3 to 1/2 the cost.

We will make any size dome, of any frequency, from any size pipe, with any cover type, any door and window types, and any other customization you can imagine.

Members in our network also specialize in “free” clean energy, water-from-air, aquaponics, and all other aspects of turning a geodesic dome into a proper indoor permaculture forest, a luxurious home, or anything in between for a sliver of the market rate.

Follow for our DIY videos and free give-aways (of domes and more). If you end up making your own per our instruction, join our network!

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