Geofrey was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and raised on a farm there, as well as 6 years in

Germany and Belgium. He experienced the ancient architecture of the old world, and

began a career of hand building structures.

In the 1980’s Geofrey attended the UC architecture program. During this time, he

worked for a variety of architectural firms, including Mike Reynolds, building earthship

solar housing in Taos, New Mexico. It was these self sustainable houses that molded

Geofrey’s green thinking.

In 1990 Geofrey left the firm SOM in LA to attend SCI-Arc. After receiving his second

degree in Architecture, he worked for Frank Gehry. He started SCO Studio with a

partner and began a career of multidisciplinary design, including planning, furniture and


In 2000, he worked with a group to found the intentional community, Tribal Oasis. The

project was realized in 2005 on land in Topanga, CA where he lived until 2013. He

continued to design and permit dozens of houses and offices in LA. Known as ‘Geo’ on

the playa, he cofounded Red Lightning, a transformational village that has had 7 years of

different physical and spiritual forms.

‘Geo’frey, now living in Taos, NM, is currently designing and planning multiple

conscious buildings. In 2015, GC Living Design is working on communal land planning

projects in CA and NM. He is building houses off grid in Taos, and continues to work on

house designs in LA.