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 Values of the Village

*Intergenerational *Regenerative *Holistic *Purposeful *Cultivation of Trust *Transparency *Personal Accountability *Proactive Participation *Stewardship *Ecocentric *Service *Access to Resources *Fostering Local Resilience *Cooperation *Valuing Life *Inclusivity *Living Economy *Appropriate Technology *Interconnected *Cultural Appreciation *Conscious Communication *Weaving Common Threads *Celebration *Shared Practices *Life Long Learning

The Modern Village

Collectively, we live at a cross roads, a time in which the impacts of our past and the potential of our future intersect. A time in which the choices each one of us make every day, and the decisions we make as a Global community, influence and create the legacy we leave for future generations.

The common thread of all peoples is that we share one home, the Earth. How do we create a Global Community that is healthy, balanced, interconnected? How does this Global Community become more equitable, more just, more sustaining for all peoples, not just a few?

We are learning to Re-Inhabit the modern Village. We are discovering what it means to belong to ourselves, belong to each other, and belong to the Earth.

The Global Village is only possible if we start on a personal level, creating empowerment and vitality in our lives. Then, cultivating interpersonal connections based on mutuality, respect, and support, we can bring together a greater circle of community based on core values and common purpose.

Thriving local areas create resiliency, a “currency” of exchanging skills,knowledge, resources, service and support, building a connective tissue that uplifts people, uplifts family, focuses on betterment and opportunity for all people in that community to have not only their basic needs of survival met, but to have the potential to thrive.

Aligning modern technology & innovation, along with the wisdom of generations of cultural models and the models that nature uses to effectively organize, “ReInhabiting the Village: CoCreating our Future” is a curated tome of holistic living systems, showcasing simple ways to live in balance and be thoughtful stewards of this ONE SHARED HOME.