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Registration Ends Dec. 21, 2017.  To register visit RIVONLINECOURSE.EVENTBRITE.COM 

Take an inspiring journey with us through the 12 themes of the book including;

  • Week 1: Intro to Modern Village Ethos
  • Week 2: Heart of Community/Health & Healing
  • Week 3: Art & Culture/Media & Storytelling
  • Week 4: Living Economy/Learning & Education
  • Week 5: Community Land/Holistic Events & Gatherings
  • Week 6: Regional Resilience/Urban Village
  • Week 7: Appropriate Tech/Whole Systems Design
  • Week 8: Harvesting the Wisdom for your Committed Next Steps

Are YOU ready to deepen your understanding of Regenerative practices, tools & perspectives? Let’s co-create the Modern Village…Together!

Register now to engage with a global community in this 8 week live interactive online course lead by “ReInhabiting the Village” Author- Jamaica Stevens and Editor- Keala Young.

Early bird tickets now available- visit RIVONLINECOURSE.EVENTBRITE.COM for more information.


So why is this Course Important?? As we become increasingly aware of our interconnection on this one shared home called Earth, there is a compelling call to find our common threads in the midst of our differences and become the cooperative stewards for our collective future.

The call for Sacred Stewardship is to empower inclusive engagement, meaningful participation in direct action and devotional leadership at personal, interpersonal, and local community levels while considering our place in the greater web of life. Through a renewal of village ethos we can integrate intercultural wisdom, intergenerational perspectives and regenerative practices to realign ourselves as a symbiotic and beneficial species in relationship with the greater organism of the Living Earth.

Through this interactive live course, you will get practical and inspiring interactive experience working with best practices, tools, perspectives, dialogue, exercises and exploration of essential principles for sacred leadership within your personal lives, your interpersonal connections, our community interdependence and our stewardship of the global village.