Interwoven is a 160 acre permaculture farm and learning center, bordering Lusk Creek Wilderness,in South-Eastern Illinois. Founded in September 2014, Interwoven is still in its infancy, and we are working hard on its early implementation. Our vision is to create a space for innovation in the realm of beyond-organic agriculture and sustainable technologies. The land base will be a demonstration site and teaching tool for permaculture and other earth skills. We are home to several on site enterprises, and many more are in the birthing process. We intend to show that farmers can rehabilitate damaged landscape, increase soil quality, while simultaneously make a good living. We will be regularly hosting workshops and classes, and will be working to build local networks to help create a more regenerative and resilient region.

Farm-Scale Permaculture

Keyline Design

No Till

Perennial Based Agriculture



Human Health and Well Being

Diverse Sustainable Enterprise
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