Jeff Clearwater has enjoyed a 36-year career in community innovation, appropriate technology, business start-ups, not-for-profit development, and new paradigm economics. Jeff has served on 7 NGO Boards and founded 5 successful appropriate technology businesses as entrepreneur, engineer, designer, contractor, consultant, advocate, and teacher.

Jeff has provided consulting, design and installation of solar, wind, microhydro, micro-grid and integrated systems, water and waste systems, and electric vehicles for businesses, governments and organizations in over 15 countries.

Jeff was a founding Council member of the Ecovillage Network of the Americas, was Ecovillage Office Director at Sirius Ecovillage for 6 years, and co-founded Living Routes. Jeff now provides consulting in Whole Systems and Ecovillage Design – integrating his experience in technology, social architecture, permaculture, and a new paradigm in economics. Jeff has visited over 60 intentional communities and provided whole systems design to dozens.

Jeff and his Beloved, Ferananda Ibarra are co-founders of VillageLab – a social catalyst devoted to energizing the village meme in all aspects of society using the principles of Collective Intelligence and Metacurrency. Jeff also offers a workshop called Economics as a Path of the Heart. Jeff’s blog can be found at The Visionary Commons.