Jessica Plancich Shinners is a social architect and connector of people. As a reformed mainstreamist turned integrative psychotherapist, she brings over 10 years of individual, family and group facilitation, nonprofit management, leadership and program development, corporate consultation, and integrative systems experience. Deeply passionate about creating practical pathways to returning to all things wholesome and real, she has practiced these tenets as a founding member of The Emerald Village, an Eco-Village and intentional community in Southern California and is a founding member of the Tribal Convergence Network. Jessica supports grass roots, non and for-profit organizations to build morale, learn how to communicate in heartfelt ways and establish a corporate culture that supports the thrival of the mission and vision. She operates somewhere between practical priestess-ing and sexy strategy creation to bring the invisible into integral form. She thrives in nature, keeps herself balanced through movement (especially dance!), connection to animals and loves to create beautiful sanctuary spaces for people to experience nourishment from the inside out.