Krystaleyez ( Krystal Smith)

//Krystaleyez ( Krystal Smith)

Krystaleyez ( Krystal Smith)

Through an ever-evolving process of intention and intuition, Krystle harnesses the power of art as a vehicle for personal and collective transformation. In a world stifled by the illusion of separation, she shares impacting visions of unity. Exploring the luminous landscapes of consciousness, her multidimensional paintings radiate transcendental light with balanced serenity. Pulsing and breathing with life, the etheric geometries which dance off her canvas disintegrate the boundaries between art and audience. Cosmic maps into the interconnected nature of existence, her artwork navigates the way between heart, mind, and the enchanting realms of spirit.

Upon her birth into a lineage of artists, Krystle finds profound purpose in the creative process. The daughter of an ambitious architect, she recalls drawing next to him as a child while he hand-rendered blueprints of his new designs. Witnessing the metamorphosis of his “drawings” into monolithic structures engrained within her the power of imagination to shape the world in which we live. Her grandmothers, both painters, also instilled a highly concentrated love for the magic of artistic expression.

Awareness of reality’s subtle details allows her to continually recognize the synchronistic flow bestowed by experience. Her artistic process also mirrors this natural tendency in her being…to connect the dots. Identifying threads of connection between the natural world, countless subjects studied by humankind, and the comprehension of life’s purest meaning, her artwork aims to transcend the boundaries of polarized modes of consciousness by revealing the fundamental patterns that unite everything. Gathering inspiration from the enrapturing beauty of nature, sacred geometry, metaphysics, mystical experiences, ancient civilizations, meditation and music, she illustrates a celestial language of Oneness. Synchronizing science and spirituality, she layers sacred symbolism with dimensions of meaning.
Krystle humbly offers her sacred art to the world to illuminate pathways to higher consciousness and rekindle the fire of in*spirit*ation in us all. She passionately believes in the power of love, collaboration and community-building to bring people back into harmony with each other and nature.