I spend my life creating in the world: Art, Business, Community. It is important to honor the many relationships and creationships that occur along the way. My spiritual practices include a variety of modalities such as Meditation, Yoga, Ayahuasca Shamanism, Hindu Tantra, Mayan Tzolkin. I live in celebration of the meme: Life Is Art.

As an artist I have spent many years making ceramics, showing and selling, making batiks and paintings, as well as having a henna body art business. As a writer I have focused on transformational writing practice, participating in writing groups and leading workshops at festivals. My writing creativity features the formation of new words. Word Magic aka Meta-poetics is a powerful tool for solidifying a new world view based on harmony, freedom and creativity……My website called MirrOracle will include art, writing and new language and will be up and running in a few months.

I am part of the dynamic co-creation of an intentional land-based community in the Columbia Gorge. This is where the experiences of my entire life are called forth to help birth such an enormous project. Atlan is becoming an Eco-Village with a Learning Center and while our learning curve is steep, our progress is steady.

At times, my role is inspirational~ helping people move past blocks to access transformation. I have experience with some simple ritual containers for the purpose of providing personal counsel, and I engage in one-on-one mentor relationships as needed.

What matters most to me is ‘learning how to live’ and sharing the process with others. My ongoing inquiry into the nature of Life and how it works, fuels my spiritual path of Art and Visionary Community. And these pursuits fuel my Spirit unfolding.

I believe that this quest is something we all share however varied our approach.