Luke Holden
Lucidity Festival
Creative Director & Co-Founder
Branches Mobile Gallery
Founder & Operator

Born in Santa Barbara, CA, 1982. Luke studied fine art and music from an early age, had parents who believed in crafting an education with Holden’s passion and interests prioritized first. Luke was accepted into an advanced student placement program and attended Santa Barbara City College beginning at age ten. While attending SBCC Holden pursued majors in fine art, theatrical design, multimedia design, drafting, 3d modeling and film. Graduated with an AA in fine arts and humanities from SBCC in 2009.

After a stint away from the arts to undergo an apprenticeship with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Union in 2010 Holden chose to dive back into fine arts bringing along a developed skillset from construction trade experience’s. Holden’s re-commitment to his original passions for the arts were, in-part driven by effects of the great recession (2007-2009) which affected many Americans when work became scarce.

Driven by purpose, Luke lives to leave a legacy of peace, compassion and creativity. Committing his life to co-create better practices for a healthier planet and people. Holden feels a deep responsibility to contribute, aligning himself with especially proactive, loving, mindful and empathetic people. Through collaboration, passion and creativity, Luke aims to serve and uplift our planet and is always working to help ensure a more sustainable future for us all.