Healer, new media designer, educator, mystic, singer, healing artist, spiritual student-teacher and cultural creative, Lunaya Shekinah is a dynamic, awakening soul weaving an artful understanding of nature, spirit and technology together into the fabric of emerging planetary cultures.

Light Science (www.lightscience.ca) :

Lunaya founded Light Science, an arts, healing and education mystery hub, for the expansion of consciousness and acceleration of divine awakening for humanity and Earth. Light Science is a platform for Lunaya’s many offerings as a channeler, mystic healer, art culture co-creator, and spiritual educator – one fractal node of the divine whole in infinite universal simbiosis.

Light Science Design (www.lightsciencedesign.com) :

Lunaya has been responsible for the website and graphic design for all her inner world projects including Light Science, Galactik Trading Cards (with a team of designers), Guild of Valinore and Gaiacraft. With 7+ years working with the Adobe Suite, Lunaya has specialized in illustration and graphic design. She currently uses WordPress and is moving more into video and audio production. She was also the graphic designer for GeneKeys.net