Drawn at an young age to conceptual design and problem solving, my sketchbooks and early projects reflected an industrial design sensibility that extended into fantasy environments with a futuristic mindset.

Exposure to manufacturing during this time helped fuel an interest in machinery, an interest in varied forms of fabrication, and a curiosity towards materials. This, coupled with a love of nature on both a macro and micro scale, archeology, architecture and automobiles, helped form my base of interest.

These interests were fed in later years by attending classes at the Art Institute of Chicago, Rhode Island School of Design, and later, Art Center College of Design in Pasadena where I received a Bachelor of Science with distinction in automotive design, with a focus on entertainment design. Internships included work for Coca-Cola, and BMW/Designworks contributing on various conceptual automotive and product design projects.

The freelance career began by providing design services, illustrations, storyboards, character and concept development to post and pre-production studios such as, New Line Cinema, Disney, Fox, Rhythm and Hues as well as industrial design work for BMW/Designworks, Intel, Toyota, and Honda. Then I dove into the feature film industry as a conceptual illustrator for: “Minority Report”, “Constantine”,“X-men 2”, “Superman”, “Iron Man 2″, “Thor”, “Bunraku”, “Fantastic Voyage”, “Avitar” and “Battle Angel Alita”. These experiences lead me to developing training DVDs on digital painting, co-authoring “Concept Design 1-2”, and to teach seminars around the world on design methodologies along with classes in visual communication, production and entertainment design at Art Center, Gnomon and locally. Recently, I co-designed the world’s largest wheel for Harrah’s casino, Las Vegas which opened in 2013.

I currently reside in Santa Barbara continuing to work on varied projects as both a digital and analog artist in a constant pursuit to expand skills and communicate a strong level of artistry in architecture, photography, illustration and design.

2012 marked the beginning of my venture into starting a design studio developing artful products of exceptional quality, venturing at times from the purely digital world in the process. The creation of this new studio and involvements in immersive installations for festivals is taking me back into the built world while still delving into conceptual projects and inspirational visions of spaces not yet known.