Nature Dreamweaver (Nate Hogen) is a multidisciplinary visionary artist, healer, yogi, poet, and student of life on a eternal quest for truth, beauty, and love. His higher self mantra to “Love, serve, heal, educate, entertain, and free all sentient beings,” has led him on a journey for the better part of the last ten years touring the country creating and build sacred space art installations at eco-villages, events, festivals, retreats, parties, art galleries and weddings in the form of altars, earth mandalas, and human sized NESTs (New Earth Sacred Temples). He has also performed several cacao comedy ceremonies (sillymonies), led art workshops, and has been proactive in continuing to educate and enlighten himself on his path in order to adapt to the changes and crisises of our times.
Presently and forever, Nature is practicing, studying, and training to become a yoga teacher, shaman, natural doctor, permaculturist, priest, and a leader in the movements of planetary change, healing, awakening and transformation.