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Jamaica Stevens
Jamaica StevensCreator and Author
Jamaica Stevens is the Author and Project Manager for “ReInhabiting the Village: CoCreating our Future”. As an Organizational Design Core Consultant with VillageLab, Jamaica works with Whole Systems theories empowering people, projects and organizations to THRIVE!

She is also an experienced event producer, workshop leader, group facilitator, program developer, community organizer, project manager, writer and life coach. She is the Program Manager for the Lucid University, Co-Founder of Protectors Alliance, Creator of Tribal Convergence Gatherings, Executive Producer of Awaken Visionary Leadership Summit, Co-Founder of Tribal Convergence Network, Educational Program Coordinator with the Novalis Project, along with Organizational Consultant and Producer with Lucidity and other festivals.

With a focus on urban and rural community Village projects, Jamaica is devoted to revealing the genius of each human and sharing collective intelligence to co-create solutions that benefit all.

For more information please visit: JamaicaStevens.com

Julian Reyes
Julian ReyesExecutive Producer
Julian Reyes’s experience reflects a lifelong dialogue with computer graphics, film, music, and technology. Julian formed Keyframe-Entertainment in 2004 as a music label and artist management company. Currently, Keyframe is a media network that creates global positive change by inspiring, informing, and entertaining through Transformational films, Visionary Art, electronic music and festival culture. Keyframe produces, finances, and distributes cutting edge projects in order to generate growth for its partners and strengthen community-building worldwide.

Keyframe is the Executive Producer of Andrew Johner’s “Electronic Awakening” and Jeet-Kei’s “The Bloom Series Episode 3: New Ways Of The Sacred.” Julian is honored to be joining “Re-Inhabiting the Village” as Producer and Contributor, he hopes that this work offers audiences a view of the potential of visionary culture.

Our Valuable Team Members

A. Keala Young
A. Keala YoungContent Editor & Contributing Author
A. Keala Young is a whole system designer​,​ regenerative practitioner ​and permaculture teacher ​with a background in the healing arts. His work on ReInhabiting the Village as editor and contributing author is an opportunity to further his life’s mission to support the integration of living systems coherence for individuals and communities in the Global Village.

Since 2005 Keala has been consciously committed to the path of co-creating living & learning communities and has studied far and wide, gathering the seeds and skills to undertake the adventure of realizing models for the future now. He has over ​a decade of ​experience ​presenting and ​curating educational content for festivals and is a cofounder of the budding Atlan Ecovillage in the Columbia Gorge​. A steward of Gaiacraft, Keala also serves on the board of CultureSeed an educational nonprofit with the mission to inspire and support thriving global communities through experiential learning programs and transformational events.

Natacha Pavlov
Natacha PavlovCopy Editor
Natacha is the Copywriter / Communications Assistant at Keyframe-Entertainment. She is also a writer whose literary style blends elements of creative nonfiction and historical fiction with doses of spirituality, magical realism and myth / folk tale elements. She is honored to be using her literary background to support the “Re-Inhabiting the Village” book project as proofreader and editor. As a being committed to lifelong growth and learning, she looks forward to learning about the multiple facets of the social movement directly from instrumental members and proponents of this vital community.
Kelli Rua Klein
Kelli Rua KleinGraphic Editor/ Contributing Author
Kelli’s experience spans over 20 years in the graphic design, brand marketing and technology fields. After earning her a BS in Graphic Design in 1995, she was joined an award winning design firm. In 1999 she was hired by Nike to manage a new internal digital photo studio. Throughout her 18 year tenure at Nike, she held key Operational Management roles.
In 2013, she resigned from Nike to start Bridgewalkers LLC; a consulting business with a mission to support individuals and organizations with their storytelling. She leverages visualization tools and techniques to deliver a creative message that bridges art, audience, culture and conscious design.
As a world traveller and lifetime student of nature, art and culture; Kelli became interested and active in transformational festivals and intentional communities.She is dedicated to building and participating in communities that steward the land they reside on and helping build educational and storytelling.
Davin Skonberg
Davin SkonbergGraphic Content Curator/ Contributing Author
Davin Infinity is a Creative Director with 18 years of graphic design and book publishing experience. His life’s work and creative play is at the intersection of art, social psychology and culture design. He has traveled the world visiting and studying sacred sites and cultures as well as visiting over 50 eco-village and new paradigm societies like Damanhur & Auroville.
Jonah Haas
Jonah HaasSponsorship and Social Media Coordinator/ Contributing Author
Jonah Gabriel Haas is a messenger, a cultural anthropologist, a lucid dreamer, and a successful entrepreneur. After completing a double BS in Marketing and Anthropology from the University of Maryland, College Park, he went on to earn an MA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. During this time he focused his studies on the anthropology of tourism, community-driven resource management, and the social theory of global capitalism. Currently, Jonah is the Marketing Director and Co-Founder of Lucidity Festivals LLC, which is now in its 4th year of transformational festival production in Santa Barbara, CA.

As an ambassador of personal, communal, and global transformation for the benefit of our One Human Family and Mother Earth, Jonah is committed to facilitating the emergence of activated land nodes. He envisions these thriving hotspots of human potential as interconnected conscious communities acting as educational institutes and sustainable models for New Earth village living.

Antje Martina Schafer
Antje Martina SchaferContributing Author Curation/ Project Manager
Antje manages communication with contributors and the submission process for Re-Inhabiting the Village. She is honored and excited to collaborate with and support a network of change-makers and is dedicated to connecting people with valuable tools and resources in their interwoven paths to create a better world.

West Coast festival culture and the rich creative community of San Francisco provided Antje with the perfect playground to discover her passion and gift for bridging and cross-pollinating ideas between communities. She is the creator of Connexus Dance, a platform for transformational urban gatherings furthering the movement for authentic connection through conscious partner dance. She is based in Portland and teaches Cocréa – a holistic partnered dance and movement modality she co-creates with her partner, Wren LaFeet. Together they teach workshops and retreats throughout the U.S. as well as internationally.