Dedicating the past 12+ years of my life to personal and planetary wellness has rewarded me with deep insights into the subtle relations between People, Culture, and
Nature. Presently, I offer the services of:

Eco-Holistic Life Design, supporting individuals in creating and enjoying natural, balanced, and fulfilling lifestyles.
Food-Forest Design and Management, modeling Nature to recreate abundant and resilient ecosystems.
“NaturaCultura” (Permaculture tailored for Traditional Farming Families) Experiential Learning Activities.

These services integrate my passion and fascination with our relationships between people and plants, especially “wilds/weeds”, hearty perennials, natural medicines, and enhancing the harvest with added energetic and nutritional value (fermenting, sprouting, cooking, etc..). We serve in Humanity’s return to an ecologically balanced and deeply fulfilling way of life
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