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The ReInhabiting the Village Community Blog featuring the

“Voices of the Village”


As we become increasingly aware of our mutual influence and impact on each other and this one shared home called Earth, there is a compelling call to find our common threads in the midst of our differences and become the cooperative stewards for our collective future.

The clarion call is for a transformation in consciousness that can inform a change in behavior towards a more REGENERATIVE and COOPERATIVE CULTURE.  It is time to acknowledge and nourish our interdependence and leverage our collective intelligence to share solutions, strategies and inspiration for shifting systems, shifting paradigms, shifting hearts. Now more than ever we need social, economic and environmental justice. We need to cultivate the conditions for flourishing to emerge at personal, interpersonal, and local community levels. 

We need to create pathways for meaningful participation in direct action and compassionate leadership that considers our place in the greater web of life. Through a renewal of village ethos we can integrate intercultural wisdom, intergenerational perspectives and regenerative practices to realign ourselves as a symbiotic and beneficial species in relationship with the greater organism of the Living Earth.

The ReInhabiting the Village Community Blog is a forum for this dialogue to occur. A circle of peers sharing insight and stories about how they are participating in this movement towards a regenerative and cooperative culture.

JOIN US in this conversation.