Bloom (Robin Liepman) is a bright budding beam of luminosity dedicated to dream-weaving, co-creating and pollinating a vibrant world that is thriving, just, sustainable, harmonious, and equitable. Bloom grew up in San Luis Obispo California, graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2012, and began exploring North, Central and South America. He is half of a musical activism project called “Compersion,” and is an ambassador of I.Am.Life, Generation Waking Up, Project Nuevo Mundo, Quetzal Shipping and Trading Co., and Green New World. He taught three classes as a student at UCSC (including one he created, called “A Sustainable World: Where We Are, Where We’re Going, and What We Can Do”), and continues to facilitate workshops and play music at transformational festivals, conferences, and beyond. He is expressive, musical, and can often be found free styling and generating group singing experiences around the sacred fire.