Roman Hanis is dedicated to the study and implementation of the many deep transformative healing methods that have been in use for thousands of years, paying special focus to the construction of intercultural bridges between Amazonian, Andean & Tibetan spiritual traditions. Using these very traditions, Roman was fortunate enough to be cured of a terminal, genetic illness in 2001. The non-conceptual universal essence of these tools and the wisdom behind them are being integrated into western culture by Roman through his daily healing practices, aimed at providing maximum benefit and the profound re-emergence of ancestral values in our modern world.

In 2004, Roman was pledged as a healer-curandero by the Whitoto and Yahua tribes and has served the international community as a medicine man ever since. He is also a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner in Peru, studying under the director of the Open International Institute of Oriental Medicine, Myriam Hacker, in Iquitos, Peru. Additionally practicing physical trauma rehabilitation, medical massage therapy and Eastern bodywork, having earned his degree from New York’s Swedish Institute of Health. With these tools and concentrated efforts, he has helped numerous individuals overcome many health issues on physical, mental and spiritual levels.