Samantha Sweetwater: Founder & Director of Dancing Freedom, priestess, coach, speaker, author & permaculturalist. Samantha is a much loved and sought after transformational guide who has touched tens of thousands of people on five continents with embodied facilitation at every order of scale – from the main stages of festivals and conferences to one-on-one healing sessions. Her meta-purpose: to ignite the evolutionary intelligence within humanity and the unique soul purpose of every human being towards a thriving future for All of Life. Her expertise and toolkit bridges somatics, yoga, dance, earth wisdom, whole-systems design science, ancient|future spirituality and soul empowerment toward practical, poignant healing, leadership development and re-story-ing. She is the visionary creatrix of Dancing Freedom and The Peacebody School, Japan and author of the upcoming book, More Life, Please. Anchoring her life and leadership in the eco-centric rhythms of seeds, soil, water, seasons and the body, she lives and works at Seven Seeds Farm in Southern Oregon and is the Program Co-chair of The Global Summit.