As a teenager, Saphir Lewis hitch hiked around the USA, up and down both coasts and to many midland states to brainstorm with others about cultural transformation or the re-invention of humanity on earth. How can we build a culture of caring – for each other, ourselves, our neighbors, our planet? It was a very exciting time.
From there, she began producing Transformational Festivals. Rich in education, these gatherings are collaborative open-sourced villages, devoted to experimentation and inspired co-creation of the world we want to live in. In 2013 she launched, a network of websites, to serve the rapidly growing movement.

Today, she runs Festival Fire, including a blog showcasing thought leaders, a suite of event calendars featuring transformational events around the world, a free annual Festival Guide and the Festival Fire store, an online marketplace with artisan made festival wear and costumes.
She also currently co-produces several events, coaches young upcoming producers and travels to assist with events across North America.