Fascinated with ancient cultures and global music from a young age, Simon is on a lifelong journey to bring people together through celebrating the wisdom and beauty of world cultures. With a passion for global ambassadorship, he is committed to building avenues of authentic cross-cultural exchange and facilitating transformation.

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Simon has found himself traveling across Australia and living with an Aboriginal tribe, sleeping in the desert with the Bedouin of Jordan, and living on the banks of the Nile in southern Egypt. He’s witnessed protests in Cairo’s iconic Tahrir Square, traveled the length of East Africa overland, and participated in Zimbabwean ancestral ceremonies.

A travel blogger, transformational coach, musician, and anthropologist, he compliments his love of world travel by annually participating in the West Coast’s vibrant festival culture.

When not seeking out traditional cultures or ancient music across the world, Simon can be found enjoying Chinese tea, cooking globally inspired cuisine, playing didgeridoo, and enjoying life in the Pacific Northwest.