Steven founded Integrated Management Consulting in 2007 to fulfill a deepening curiosity about how an intersecting of spiritual principles and business mastery principles could benefit key executives in embracing new approaches to organizational design.

He brings over 25 years of experience in the areas of finance and operations; serving in CFO positions in the environmental, media, and technology sectors. He was founding partner and CFO of EcoMedia, an environmental media company (acquired by CBS Corporation in 2010), and as Managing Director for the asset management firms of Adams O’Connell, Inc. and Morgan Adams, Inc. honed expertise in entity structuring, policy formulation, capital structuring, and financial reporting.

He is passionate about the sacred commerce/economics movements in both form and function and is passionately developing a tool, based on what he is calling Holonomic (Holo=whole or entire + Economic) to assist organizations to embody the core values of the sacred marketplace.

He has presented and co-presented and facilitated workshops with his beloved Samavesha-Gayatri Devi on the topics of: Sacred Erotic Commerce, Corporate Shamanism, The Gift Economy, Yin/Yang Complimentary Currencies, The Soul Tantra of Money, Consciously Conceiving the Soul of Money, The Yoga of Money, and Gender Alchemy.