Wesley Wolfbear Pinkham is traveling at almost 30 km/s on the only celestial body known to harbor life. He has spent the last two years leading up to the 1st Edition traveling to 35 states and 4 countries, visiting festivals, emerging art communities, protests, and communal spaces to better understand how people gather for transformation.

With a background in non-profit arts administration, festival production, and digital marketing in the private sector, Wesley launched Wolfbear, a creative consultancy that seeks to help brands tell stories of a future filled with laughter and optimism. A photographer, writer and community leader, Wesley is helping the worlds of art and business merge mythos into a constant conversation of commerce and creativity.

Wesley earned a B.A. in Cultural Studies from the UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures and studied abroad at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was previously Director of Marketing and Programming at Yiddishkayt, the home for alternative Jewish culture in Los Angeles.